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Mar 28, 2019 20:36:03


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 I had to rewrite almost a complete offer today. Well, just the technical parts. There was one made recently in a hurry by somebody else, within a strict deadline during busy times. So I promised to help and review the text.

I do often find myself writing over and over again my texts. I somewhat find it easier to completely rewrite the text instead of just fixing it. Writing everything all over again gives a fresh start, but you have learnt some mistakes from the first to.e and also gained more clarity writing it down once already.

It's even harder when I need to do the same for a text written by somebody else. First, trying to comprehend what is this all about, what does it answer to and so on. Then to catch the thoughts of the original writer, not exactly the easiest thing. I probably wouldn't make much of an editor.

After going through this tedious task I have much more respect towards all the editors out there. They do remarkable work. I guess instead of trying to be one I should get one. Often, my writings would need some revision. Until then, I just keep writing the same text over and over again.

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