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Apr 18, 2019 14:21:18

Read The Room

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Keenen Charles

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A report today stated that Facebook is working on its own voice assistant. An alternative to Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa, etc. It's Facebook's latest attempt to get into this space after launching their own smart display last year. The biggest question it raises for me is why?

After every negative story about Facebook's handling of user's data and privacy failings this year who will be lining up to have an always listening service anywhere near them? At any other point in Facebook's history, this service might have more potential for success but this has to be the worst time possible to launch something like this.

In some ways, I think it says a lot about how Facebook views its troubles in the past few years. If they took their failings seriously they'd be able to see that this is just not the time for this. Their image has been tarnished and many people believe Facebook is already listening to them even though that accusation is false.

Confidence and delusion are closely related. It can be hard to tell where on the spectrum your views on a topic fall. If this isn't an extremely unhealthy dose of delusion, I'd love to have the confidence Facebook has here one day.

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