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Jul 21, 2019 12:39:15


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Havent been to Starbucks to write my post for a while so lets use the power of this coffee chain again. As I said I really like the privacy and that nobody really cares about you. So you have time to focus on yourself.

Today I tried to wake up at 6:30 and work a little bit (Yeah, I am reading Deep Work by Cal Newport :)). Even thoough I actually woke up and wasnt that tired I wasnt able to leave my bed. Long story short I continued sleepin until 8 haha. 

Anyway at least I tried, right? haha.

Good approach with the books @basilesamel. I would say its gonna improve the experience from every book more than the writting itself.

As I am jumping from one book to another I usually forget all the thoughts from previous book imiadetely, Ususally I also read too fast to even remeber anything haha but the feeling to finish book is stronger than remember something.

I just need to get at least in the middle of the book as soon as possible otherwise it's really hard to finish for me if I am not gonna choose the fast pace.

 I should definitely work on it :)


Stay with me. Efran.

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