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Sep 11, 2019 12:26:33

Redesigning my Writing Funnel - Part 1

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Basile Samel

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I wrote a post a month ago about how I use different platforms to assist me in my writing efforts. I'm in the middle of rethinking the way I manage my content creation activities. 

The current situation is as follow: Twitter to develop my audience, 200 Words a Day to improve the quality of my posts by staying consistent and accountable, and an upcoming personal blog to build my personal brand. 

When I write something, I can increase my content's reach and engagement by adapting it to be distributed somewhere else. I call it a writing funnel: content spread across the web sharing an interdependent relationship to effectively grow its impact with minimal additional effort.

The traditional approach is to set up an account in every possible community you encounter and post a link to your work in the relevant channels. Facebook group, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn for example ... but also niche communities in your industry.

The problem with this Create Once, Publish Everywhere philosophy is how it doesn't take into account each community's rules and values. It's not as simple as copy/pasting content. 

Cross-sharing is often sub-optimal, and cross-posting is usually counter-productive. It allows to save time, but the engagement's potential is just not maximized.

On the contrary, an efficient writing funnel is about slicing and dicing your content by taking into account the identified mediums, to serve your business goals.

How you do it depends on your personal goals and tastes. I can give you an example of how I plan to do it, but you'll have to wait for it tomorrow.

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