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May 14, 2019 08:00:04


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Brian Ball

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There's a new collection up on 200Words -- it's called We. It's an idea that there are different voices in my head. Some of us that play by the rules and others just do what they know -- without discussing it with the team. They don't need permission to do what they do, they have been tasked and they show up to perform.

But, what if they're specifically given an opportunity to voice an opinion?

What might they say about the other, more dominant actors in the room?

Is there an elephant nobody has been willing to mention?

Is there a dominant, dictatorial voice that needs to take a step down and consider.

Consider others? Consider taking a break or vacation? Consider their tone and pace and verbiage?

What happened? 

Why are the lost voices so quiet? 

What has happened along the way? 

Are they simply dried up plants who's roots could be watered and the shade removed enough to allow rejuvenation?

Why wouldn't I rejuvenate the members of this garden? 

Healthy, vibrancy seems more work but wouldn't it be opportunistic to have more participants in the party; in the conversations about life and friends and futility and reason? 

Art will be more beautiful and words diagrammed from different perspectives will smash onto the page. Of course. Why didn't we think of this before now?

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