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Feb 10, 2019 23:55:41

Relearning React

by @xanderjakeq | 229 words | 46💌

Xander Jake de los Santos

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I learned React on my own a couple months ago. The learning materials I consumed are the tutorial on the official react page and various tutorial videos on YouTube. I am aware that I have some gaps in my understanding of react. This week, we will be learning react from the very basic concepts up. I am excited to learn more about react!

With my current knowledge, I can build simple react apps but I encounter problems along the way that I spend hours trying to solve. Hopefully after this next 5 weeks, I know enough about react that I can avoid running into common problems and be able to refactor my previous projects. Startref.io is actually a project that I built as a vehicle to learn react. 

It is messy and I even find myself trying to look away from it when I try to refactor it or add some new functionality. Something could break and I would end up wasting a lot of my time. Of course I could revert back to the previous commit, but still, I could waste a lot of time. 

After react, I want to learn how to implement payments. I've tried learning it myself too, but I don't have anything valuable to sell yet. When I know react and be able to write valuable software, payments is the next step.

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