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May 19, 2019 19:02:02

renewing old website

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I know I should focus on better projects. But recently I wrote down the history of my website projects here and even on my blog. So I did go through all the stuff I made. It wasn't anything special. Part of my projects were just simple affiliate sites without any deep purpose. It was made just to earn some side money which actually didn't :)) 

... there was only one exception the really first project with funny t-shirts designs it made just a little bit but better than nothing right and I found an old backup copy of that website so I decided to renew it (unfortunately not the last backup, a lot of content got lost).  

The site was live from 2014 until 2016 .. and reborn in 2019 hehe ... I am gonna renew maybe one more site with book reviews, unfortunately, I don't have the backup so I will take the copy just from archive.org. (it wasn't earning anything but I would enjoy work on it more).

I don't have any special plans with it I just updated the affiliate links, redesigned a bit and I will try to add some new copy and will see if it can make something. I hope during the Christmas time it could at least paid the hosting and domain cost but maybe not even that.

If nothing the process of renewing websites from the backup its a good experience and it's a hassle to set up everything correctly .. but now I know it's a good thing making backups hehe.


Stay with me. Efran.

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