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Sep 05, 2019 19:57:41

Rescue my image in a sleepy day

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As the only one among my friends that know one or two about computer science, I used to be a free counselor for their issues. But for a long while, I have been feeling no motivations for responds. 

This morning, one of my best friends asked for his instant need at 8:30 AM. In fact, not until11:30 Am did I woke up and open his link because of my really bad sleep quality. 

I felt so guilty that I made a quick judgment and clear explanations within 30 minutes. Then the lunch interrupted my further descriptions and I promise to continue after eating.

However, I felt sleepy again after only staying awake for 1 hour. When the notification sounds rose me up from another endless sleeping, it's already 2:15 PM. 

The sense of guilt worked again and I began searching for more related information and treated him in a way that I haven't been so kind before. The result was that his problem was solved, what's more,  his impression of my professional skills was saved :-D.

It's hard to refuse my friend's warm appreciations, and my last piece of dignity didn't allow me to say the truth that "I'm not busy, just too sleepy."

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