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Oct 18, 2019 18:57:47

Restarting! my 2nd streak

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So I restarted my streak! For my 2nd streak I'm writing about my language skills and how I'm going to improve it.

Even though I lived in Uk for more than 2 years and the US for almost 1 year, my language is pretty basic and it's always a real problem for me!

Writing and reading is something that I don't like very much. But recently I started loving it! because of some inspirational articles and videos. We all know that it will help us to get better and grain proper knowledge and power, but most of us are very lazy to start these habits and do it constantly.

This website (200wordsaday.com) is something that I really enjoyed recently, the community streaks, neat UI and topic discussion. It's more like a group of people who love what they're doing. And there are some days with no idea on what to write next, but visiting homepage / other active profiles give me better ideas to right. 

So, I've prepared some list on how to improve my language skills:  

- Read/listen for 1 hour daily

- Write 200 words a day.

- Record quick voices and videos about some topic.

Would love to know if you have any suggestion or tips to improve language skills. :) 

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