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Apr 22, 2019 22:08:14


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In sports, opinions change whenever results do. There are countless attempts to bring more statistical analysis to sports. Many of them have been successful. But when the stats can't give answers we tend to base our opinions on what we can see and our own experiences.

When your team is losing you look for a scapegoat. A single virus to place the blame on. But anything involving humans is rarely so simple.

Players get accused of lacking desire and passion whenever they have a string of poor performances. In some cases it's true but in most, it's not based on any facts. When they're winning those accusations never appear.

Poor performances can have a variety of causes. And in a team sport, poor performances from a handful of players will affect the entire team.

It's a difficult job to decide who has other issues and who's simply not trying enough. It's in the eye of the beholder.

It makes me consider how we think of negative results in daily life. We try to find a singular cause of bad events but we take a more holistic view of positive results. Like sports, we don't always have objective answers to our problems so we create our own. Maybe understanding that every result positive or negative has a complex cause can help us find genuine solutions easier.

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