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Oct 15, 2019 15:31:57

Returning home after Fall Semester, I decided never to return to therapy

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Like it'd happened by design, the snow had let up during finals week and so by the time I headed home for winter break the road and sky was clear and calm. With the semester over, I didn't need to focus on anything but what was on my mind. I didn't even listen to music. And I thought that the silence might be deafening in its own way, but it wasn't silent at all. There was still a lot of noise. The humming of the engine. The sound of tires whizzing against the pavement as cars passed by. The wind against the frame of my Hyundai. The entire time drove the speed limit. And in that hour, I  decided I would never go back to therapy again.

When I reached home, the engine turned off with a click, and I turned the headlights off. I watched my mom's house: the lights of a cozy home peaking through. Warmth of a fireplace. All this made me really appreciate this frigid iceworld of December. The trecherous cold made beautiful sense when you had a welcoming home to enter. I exited the car, shut the door softly, and tried listening for anybody out there that might be singing or screeching through the air. Nothing.

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