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May 08, 2019 23:04:41

Reverse Heinrich's Law

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Heinrich Law, or 300:29:1 rule is very famous law in the manufacturing industry. 

According to Wikipedia, this law is 

that in a workplace, for every (single) accident that causes a major injury, there are 29 accidents that cause minor injuries and 300 accidents that cause no injuries

A few days ago, I came up with the concept to apply Heinrich's Law in a reverse way. (Note that this is not based on scientific data). I would call "Reverse Heinrich's Law". 

  • Reverse Heinrich's Law
    When we get 300 small but easy things done, although it seems to be no impact, it would bring us 29 achievements that would have a minor impact. Eventually, it would bring us a single achievement that would have a major and preeminent impact

This will generate an action actively, not passively. So in this sense, this is "reverse."

Imagine how positive these movements are. Normally, following Heinrich's Law, ones have to find out where is a possible minor accident, which seems no harm. One day, we faced with a catastrophic accident and might notice there were precursors. 

On the contrary, to achieve impactful things like Nobel Price as an extreme case, we could imagine how many things with no impact (seemingly) they have to do in daily life.  

What it says are very common things. However, this analogy easily fed into my mind since I was familiar with Heinrich's Law but this is a positive way of thinking. 

In addition, recently I continue to publish a small piece of technical blog post every day here: h1ros.github.io and tweet every day with hashtag #100DaysOfCode. I really like the concept of "streak" in 200WaD and this is one of the drivers. 

This effort is on top of 200WaD. I was afraid of being burned out or giving up either of them. That is why I only made the least effort for a technical post so far by picking a very easy topic. Just I focused on getting used to publishing technical things to the world, which I learned from 200WaD while I wonder if this is meaningful or not by posting easy ones. 

One day, I feel I have more rooms to do extra works. Thanks to doing these small but easy things, I could smoothly publish something I spent more efforts on. I realized these small things were actually important. It seems no impact for each but will be accumulated. 

Let's start small with no impact.

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