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Feb 20, 2019 22:28:40

Reviewing a Portfolio Site

by @xanderjakeq | 266 words | 46💌

Xander Jake de los Santos

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Early this afternoon, I joined a group of students from LambdaSchool in a zoom call. They were giving critiques to each other's portfolio website. Some sites are really good, some not so much. I think the person who critiqued my site pointed out some design problems of my site. He focused on the design a little bit with my content. Which was fine, much of the content are placeholders anyway.

A bigger problem popped up while he was going through my site. I designed it so that initially, my projects are hidden. There is a button in the middle of the page which when clicked, would trigger an animation showing all the projects I have. The problem is that he did not click the button. He skipped it and went on scrolling down. 

If he was a real recruiter, not seeing my projects would be bad for me. I need to solve this problem. My options are to make the button more inviting and more indicative of a dropdown than a link to a different page. Or not hide my projects at all. I will try the first and test it again with other people. I really want to hide those projects so that It will not clutter my page.

The problem with the latter is that if I have a number of projects listed, it will fill most of my page, which would be distracting. I do have the option to show the best ones, however, I want to show all my babies. xD

would be great if you can critique my portfolio too. Drop a comment :)

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    @xanderjakeq Thanks for sharing your portfolio. I am a neither designer nor software developer but I hope I could make a good feedback. The first impression for your portfolio is good for me. concise. Regarding the project, I hoped to understand "stArtRef" more but I could not get more information maybe because I was supposed to feel the art.. 1 "generate" button. Which figure was generated by your website? the middle one? 2. 'draw something' I thought I need to draw and move my mouse to draw a scribble somewhere in a white space 3 when trying to understand more, I explore the buttons in upper left / right corner / thumb up icon etc. As for 'KenLog', it might be less hurdle if you can prepare guest account or demo account. If you ask the feedback only for your portofolio, never mind the above.

    Hiro avatar Hiro | Feb 20, 2019 20:36:28
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      @hiro Thanks a lot for this!

      stArtRef is something for artists to get random Reference photos to start making Art. Users are supposed to save the random photos they generate with the button then draw in photoshop or traditionally (pencil and paper). When you go to the explore tab, if you click on an image you can see the reference photos used to make the piece.

      For KenLog, having a demo account is a great idea. I never thought of that.

      Again, thanks for spending some time looking at my projects and writing up a review. :)

      Xander Jake de los Santos avatar Xander Jake de los Santos | Feb 21, 2019 20:35:53
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