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Mar 15, 2019 23:35:20


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Janne Koponen

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I find it somewhat challenging to review my writings. It feels like once I have written something in stuck with it. I can't really start editing it properly to make it better anymore after it has been written.

Sure I can fix grammatical errors or other such small things when I notice them. But it feels hard to change the overall structure. It feels like it's not worth it, like it would require too much rework to get it right. And then it wouldn't fit into the rest of the text properly anyway.

So then I just write the whole thing all over again. Starting from the scratch and trying to get it right this time. Or maybe the next one will finally be good enough to satisfy my self-criticism.

I'm not doing it with these posts. These are the original first editions. Full of their logical and structural flaws as well as all the spelling mistakes and clumsy word choices. Maybe these could be great posts after a few revisions as well. Maybe I should start all over from the start and do another revision of all those posts I have written so far. 

But I have so many new things to write about. I can't go back. And besides, the revisions will come when I write again and again about the same topics at some point anyway.

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