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Mar 19, 2019 22:29:48

Right. Left. Right. Left

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Two steps. Right foot. Left foot. That's the only way to walk as humans.

Sometimes people say you need to take left steps. You need to take huge left steps and optimize for it. They're not wrong.

Sometimes people say you need to take right steps. They'll hail of how great results you can get with taking right steps and the ways in order to revolve your life around taking right steps. They're not wrong either.

But I've always messed up when it came to taking advice. I'd go from thinking it was all about steps made by my left foot, only a week or two later to think that it was really the steps taken by the right that mattered. And how easy it was for me to continue thinking it was one or the other, because to me any step taken by any foot felt like progress compared to the static nature that was my life's past.

However, I kept finding myself doing the splits, low on the ground, thinking to myself, 'ah hah! so this particular step is not the way to do things!'

What I've learned since then is that the best way to go somewhere is to take both right and left steps. It's about stepping with your feet. 

Right Left. Right

Left Right

Left Right.

I try to worry less about optimizing for one or the other. I try to optimize for stepping Right

Left. Right

Left. Right


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