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Jul 31, 2019 07:00:04

Rise and Shine

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Jack Lyons

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Getting a post done first thing in the morning gives me a huge feeling of accomplishment. It helps set up my day in a positive day. For so long I would always leave my 200 words a day posts until the end of the day. This is, however,  when I am usually (if not definitely) the most tired. 

I wrote about this a few times before, but when I'd leave my post to the end of the day, I'd usually feel frustrated. Both at myself, and at the actual act of writing. 

There were some days where I would actually loathe writing. But now I've found that if I write early on in the day, I can lift the burden *u hum* I mean, weight, off my shoulders. I really like 200 WAD. The community is awesome; I've met some really great folks here. The concept is cool, simple to understand, and extremely beneficial. All in all, I'm so glad I found this place 😀.

So over the next few days I'm going to experiment with writing early on and see how I feel, mentally and emotionally. I'm also going to try scheduling posts so I can focus on writing more quality content.


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    @jacklyons same here, I use to write in my night time, before end of the day, it is always pressure and tired. Since I change it to the first thing I do every day in the morning, I finally can keep up and feels motivate to start my day with it

    Knight avatar Knight | Aug 01, 2019 06:16:41
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