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May 11, 2019 23:02:40


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Craig Petterson

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It's about to be the 7th Rocket League Championship (RLCS). I used to play Rocket League almost daily and reached the rank of Champion. Something I was quite proud off.

I wanted to hit that habit on the head this year. It's been 4 and half months and I don't miss it too much. I've played a handful of games this year. I don't think it's gone too well. Sure, I spent more time doing what Steph Smith calls Investment, but have I accomplished much? Not really, nothing concrete I can point to, but I'd say it's been worth it overall.

RLCS5 was in London, mid-2018. I went down with my good buddy, Dave. It was a fantastic event, but Jesus Christ can my friend store. He actually woke up the people in the hotel room next door - wow!

Back then, I was routing for my team, NRG. This time, they are on fire once again. I've not been watching as closely, but if they keep up what I've seen, then they will be unstoppable.

They came second to Dignitas, who become two-time world champions. This time, they've lost a key player and don't seem to be performing as well.

Let's go!

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