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Aug 22, 2019 14:23:07

Rooney remembers | Switch Hitter -- pt 2

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The diner wasn't doing well today. Who would drive on a day like this, unless they had to? The only customers they had were ones sheltering themselves inside after a meal. They weren't ordering anything new. Just getting refills on coffee and watching the news repeat itself on the TV.

During her break she pretended to go smoke a cigarette outside under the [thing that protects you from rain]. She unfolded three sheets of paper that had been creases into a hotdog. It was her acceptance letter to Shook University. The deadline for enrolling was approaching. A few drops of rain propelled by the wind fell onto the paper and turned the parts it touched immediately into a darker shade. Rooney pulled the letter and pressed it against her chest.

A few months ago, finally going to college and earning her degree had been all that mattered to Rooney. Now she was caressing the once sacred acceptance letter hoping to feel something. Trying just one more time to be able to return to her past life. It was just a few months back... couldn't she just return to it? 

She stared blankly into the street. There were no cars around. The storm was getting worse. Her boss had made a face when she said she was going out for a cigarette. What the hell was she doing here? 

And that's when she heard a loud thud. There was a car  driving around in this hell afterall! It must be some crazy man, Rooney thought. But it wasn't a man. It was a woman... or a lady in a trenchcoat. She screamed mutely while banging on the steering wheel. The woman looked eerily familiar: somebody Rooney knew that she knew.... but didn't know from where or how. The black four dour sedan drove off towards downtown. 

Back inside Rooney immediately refilled the thirsty coffee mugs. A large blonde man in a suit actually ordered something. 

"Yes, I'd like a milkshake. Extra Yuge, please."

Rooney nodded and went back to kitchen. 

She couldn't stop thinking about the lady in the car. Rooney was good with faces. Really good actually... so she remembered the face.

But  she wasn't as great with details. She couldn't place her finger on where in her life this woman occupied. One thing she knew for sure was that this lady wasn't a customer, because then she would've known her right off the bat. When it came to customers she was a high powered database. That's what made her the best waitress, the one who got paid triple the other waitress' rate, which allowed her to not have to worry about tips.

But in her memory she still remembered seeing that face, inside here.... in this cafe.... the face hadn't been alone though. It had been alongside another man. A handsome man. 

A gravelly voice interrupted her thoughts.

"Can you believe this shit?" It was her boss. "We pay all these taxes to bozos like this guy."

Rooney looked up at the TV and saw a face. A handsome face. The handsome face. The headline read WESTCITY DETECTIVE INVOLVED IN WIDESPREAD CORRUPTION. 

"I gotta go." Rooney said while running out to her car.

"Wha? Rooney! Where the hell are ya going? It's HELL out there!!"

"I'm sorr----" her voice got lost from the distance.

Now she knew who that lady was. Now she knew what she had to do. Her boss came out the backdoor just in time to watch the car drive away. He swore out loud and then saw a clump of papers on the asphalt that was being destroyed by the rain. 

"Not my job." he uttered as he returned back to his diner. 

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    @abrahamKim - what kind of coffee? Who makes the coffee maker? What's the cooks name? What's he doing when business is slow? What's the temperature? How's the lighting? Are the seats red vinyl or something else? Floor? Black and white tiles? Lino?

    Brian Ball avatar Brian Ball | Aug 22, 2019 10:12:28
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    @abrahamKim - I want more details about the DINER!!

    Brian Ball avatar Brian Ball | Aug 22, 2019 10:11:04
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