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Aug 05, 2019 22:05:22

Routine after my bag falls to the ground

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It's common for me that my bag suddenly falls and all the stuff lie scattered on the floor. 

I'll be embarrassed especially in public, and the kinds of stuff (some are big, some are little, some are cheap, some are expensive) in my bag would determine  different strategies to clean such a mess.

Here are my routines.

#1 Say "sorry" at first

If I'm in public, and my accident has disturbed others, apologize at first in order to let others willing to help me.

#2 Watch out the water

If there is something liquid in my bag, my first reaction should make sure they are safe.

Because compared to falling, spreading water would cause the second destruction, more seriously irreversible loss.

#3 Watch out the stuff rolling away

Something maybe rolls too far away and lost in my sight, after the water issue is solved, search them as soon as possible.

Because I can't make sure I won't forget where they are going after cleaning all the mess.

#4 Check myself

After making sure there is no liquid threaten and no stuff loss, I have to check myself.

Is my cloth dirty? Am I hurt? Do I need fresh water to clean right now or wait until finishing the organization.

#5 back-to-bag organization

Now, easy to organize the things from the floor back to my bag.

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