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Jun 27, 2019 14:42:03

Run your 26 miles

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I'm in a group chat now, which, I thought I'd never be part of. But here I am. 

PK joked of how there's only a single person on the team that's not Apple... and because of that single person he's unable to access the chat on his laptop. 

PK posted a link to a Seth Godin post about group vs solo Marathons.

It made me think a Naval sentiment of life being a single player game -- Hunter S Thompson thought this too, but in a somber manner.

The point Godin makes is that in group marathons, hundreds or even thousands of people join and run 26 miles together. These are organized and happen only once in a while at a definite and shared time and location.

Then there's the solo marathon. The race that's waiting for anyone, anytime, anywhere. It's just waiting for the person to put the shoes on and go run the 26 miles.

Godin finishes by saying why projects are so difficult. It's because they're more aligned with the solo marathon than the group one.


Multiplayer games heavily leverage the cause-effect nature of interplayer actions. And in life, this is not the case. A person can be the same asshole to John and Debra, but John and Debra will perceive, feel, and respond very differently. John and Debra are simulating the asshole person in their head. It's not truly a multiplayer game where the asshole-person can have definitive, predictable effects. And this simulation paradigm isn't restricted only to a single asshole person bur all people in our lives, and the world itself.

Because there are many people in our lives we get tricked into thinking it's a multiplayer game. But I think it's a singleplayer one close to the portrait Godin is painting. It is a group marathon.

Because at the Boston marathon, where thousands of people show up, each of those individuals still needs to run those 26 miles. There's no synergy-innovation-agile-consulting-voodo-dance that can get the runners out of that: 26 miles. The amount of steps required, the time taken, the sweat spilled, the thoughts of quitting had might vary greatly. But what doesn't vary is the 26 miles that each must run.

I think a lot of people fail in life and their projects is because what they're trying to do is not organize a group marathon.... what they're trying to do is get out of running the 26. They try building teams of lets just say 4 and having each individual run 6.5 miles.

No matter the team size. Whether it's a single person show, 10, or a 1000 person company. The best kind of team... the only true team, I'd say -- is one where each individual runs their 26 miles. No offshoring.

The tragedy is that most teams form because people are somehow trying to get out of the 26. Most people live their lives trying to get out of the 26. But if you don't want to look back on life as an old person and be consumed with regret. Try less offshoring of the 26 miles of life. It's really all you got. So take it.  

From Abe's collection:

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    @abrahamKim - Sir Abe - I have always had trouble in a group setting for this exact reason. Very very few people - maximum 3 are willing to do the 26 or more. Most people join groups to get more out of the group than to contribute. So the 3 that put themselves out there end up needing to do their 26 and the delta of the others who don't do theirs.

    I have less stress and pain if I try to go at something by myself with zero expectations of others. Secret to happiness - Lower expectations :)

    Keni avatar Keni | Jun 28, 2019 12:53:12
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    @abrahamKim Who let that non-Apple person in??

    Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Jun 27, 2019 13:55:26
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      @abrahamKim @brandonwilson LOL

      Gabriel Greco avatar Gabriel Greco | Jul 05, 2019 08:23:49
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    @abrahamKim Nice and true one!

    Efran avatar Efran | Jun 27, 2019 16:33:07
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