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Apr 30, 2019 22:27:32


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Craig Petterson

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I've just submitted my evidence for Race At Your Pace, April 2019!

As, I've stated before, I set myself a small goal of just 25 miles. It's all I thought I could achieve with a few factors; what little free time I had after completing my priorities, my holiday, my side projects, work and just general life.

It seems I hit it right on the head. I had to squeeze one final run of 7.62 miles in tonight. The furthest I've ever run! Wooo!

I'm planning to take part in a charity 10k run in June. I never thought I'd be prepared. I thought I left it too late.

A couple things I've learnt;

- Starting is the hardest part. Just start, you don't have to be fast (or good).

- Plans go out the window.

- It takes longer to recover when you first start.

- Doing the same route isn't always the best plan. (I used to use the same route to have markers for progress. It doesn't matter)

- It's a good way to explore your local area, particularly if there is nothing to find.

- You can do anything you set your mind to. (I've had this on my CV that got me my current job, haha)

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