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Jul 12, 2019 00:04:43

Running Another Spreadsheet

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Craig Petterson

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As is typical for someone like myself - a develop with a few ideas brewing. I attempt to do too much, failing at them all and ultimately produce nothing. On that vein, I thought of something else...
I'm constantly sharing my runs with a certain person in particular - we keep each other motivated. She's European and so uses kilometres. Urgh, but I'm British, I use miles!
Light bulb moment...
To the spreadsheet!
I track my exercises in a spreadsheet anyway. Currently, I just put yes/no to exercise and add a note saying what I did. So, I can easily do that and get some extra benefits too.
I'm on my forth month of Race At Your Pace. I often wonder:
  • how many runs do I have left in the month?
  • how much I've done so far?
  • what distance that means I need to reach on average for other runs?
  • If only I could instantly get Miles to Km conversions without having to ask Google after every run.
It's fun to work on new things, even if they're small. It's often said that it's better to work on something small that you (yourself!) currently need. Let's do it!

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    @craigpetterson maybe using this will help https://ultraworking.gitbooks.io/lights/

    Knight avatar Knight | Jul 14, 2019 07:44:48
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      @knight Cheers - looks good, I'll check it out!

      Craig Petterson avatar Craig Petterson | Jul 14, 2019 01:07:17
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    @craigpetterson Hey! Keep up the good work w/ your running. And, similar boat regarding developing with a few things brewing at the same time then not focusing enough on either thing, ultimately accomplishing zilch :-(.

    Not sure if you're using Excel or Google Sheets, but seems like a quick thing to do to convert miles to km would be to use a function on each of those cells. Googling, the equation is: "One mile is equal to 1.609344 kilometers, so to convert simply multiply by 1.609344.
    For example, here's how to convert 5 miles to kilometers using the formula above.
    5 mi = (5 × 1.609344) = 8.04672 km"

    Probably thought of that, but there you go in case you haven't. Cheers and peace!

    Macario James avatar Macario James | Jul 11, 2019 18:09:14
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      @macariojames hey man! What things do you have brewing? Share, share share! :)

      I got the miles to km already, although I've updating to 4 ,5 and now 6 decimals xD I think the difficult part will be allowing inputs both ways (miles to km AND km to miles), at least in excel.

      I don't know how to calculate remaining days in excel just yet, but I'm learning it on the fly haha

      Here is what I have so far: https://getmakerlog.com/tasks/167284

      Craig Petterson avatar Craig Petterson | Jul 12, 2019 01:09:14
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