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Apr 04, 2019 19:22:46

Running when traveling is also traveling 🏃🏻‍♂️

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Jason Leow

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I'd recently taken to doing runs even while I'm traveling. I run 3 times a week back home, and it's gotten to a point where it's starting to feel like a hygiene kind of habit - where, like brushing your teeth every morning, if you don't do it, you feel ill at ease and uncomfortable for the rest of the day. I run mostly for health reasons. If I run, I feel better, have more energy, have less bodily aches, and feel more productive and better sense of well-being. Back home, I run the same old tired routes and it's just boring - I just do it because I have to. But running while traveling is different. I actually look forward to it and enjoy the experience. It's like a form of travel experience in itself.

Because when you run, you usually go down pathways or routes that you might not usually take as a tourist. Running through the back alleys and tiny streets in my hood in Kyoto now is a sight-seeing experience in itself, really. It's really fun to check out the quaint architecture of a typical Japanese neighbourhood, and observe how locals live out their lives and socialise with their neighbours. Otherwise, you might be running at a time that's unusual for a tourist, say at dawn before all the shops are opened. You get to see a different side to the streets before the hustle and bustle starts, and witness how a neighbourhood wakes up.

And sometimes you catch that famous street food stall that usually has long queues just as it opens for breakfast, and you happen to be the first one passing by. Negates all the health benefits of the run, but hey, why not?! 

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    Running through a foreign place is like glasses. You see the same place differently. This goes not only for running but all different types of activities one could imagine. I actually detest the idea of travelling somewhere only for stuffing their bellies.

    Abe avatar Abe | Apr 09, 2019 03:07:17
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      @abrahamKim indeed. Activities as a vehicle and a lens to experience the same place differently. Interesting and insightful, because that's how I'd been feeling for this trip to Kyoto...

      Jason Leow avatar Jason Leow | Apr 09, 2019 20:40:25
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    @jasonleow I hate running so much, but I wish I didn't. I'm very jealous of people like you. 😛 And it's not for lack of trying either! I've participated in runs from 2 to 11Km at this point, and each time is the same: I get so so nervous, I walk between Kms, and then I'm so happy it's over. That's the main reason I run, to be over with it. 😬

    Sara Silva avatar Sara Silva | Apr 04, 2019 14:23:35
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      @sarasilva I don't enjoy running that much either back at home. Same route, same boredom. I run because if I don't I feel physically awful (due to ahem age). That's why it's surprising to me that I enjoy running while traveling. Curious: you sound like you hate it but you participated in 11km runs? There must be something that drives you to do that isn't it?

      Jason Leow avatar Jason Leow | Apr 09, 2019 20:37:21
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      @jasonleow I've participated in one of 11Km 😂 It was super hard. Even if I've done a few more (~15) in the 10Km and it's "just" one more Km... I think I do it for the accomplishment of finishing it. Something that pains you so, to be over.
      My issues are tied to being quite heavy, and having a weak ankle (some historic sprains).

      Nowadays, I am dragged out by my mom, who actually does pretty well on these...
      Also, on some runs, I've done pretty well the first pair of Km, and feel pretty good, but then it all turns to worst, especially 6/7-9 Km.

      So, I kind of dream that I will be able to perform a run from finish to end without too many "pain", or walking and I keep trying.
      For now 😂

      Sara Silva avatar Sara Silva | Apr 09, 2019 16:54:14
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      @sarasilva nice. Looks like there is something you like about running after all ;)

      Jason Leow avatar Jason Leow | Apr 10, 2019 20:38:43
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