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Apr 08, 2019 14:10:20

Safe Space in the space of 200WaD?

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The current situation of the communication between the (4) of us seems quite desperate. In a way it just doesn’t work. There is no understanding. No patience. No tolerance. No means are safe. No moments good. No topics without danger. 

And I just realised one of the #opportunities 200WaD is giving us… 

We have been, for quite a while, touching the subject of Safe Space here. Talking intimate issues. Often speaking (indirectly/directly?) to each other. Couldn't we try to use the haven of this shore. To set a Temporary Safe Space on 200WaD.

This would not be our private glass dome, protecting us, yet sentencing to a very limited space with a very small escape door. This is an open, public place. I see it as a small beautiful park. Pretty isolated from the noise and hassle of "ordinary" life. With friendly, smart, openhearted, yet in a way indifferent, people. It seems spacious. Lively. I see trees and flowers. Benches and shady spots. I hear birds singing and dogs barking (and both species pooping joyfully).

Do you think, @philh , it might be safe enough for you?

I would like to be really frank here. Full blown openness. Could we try?

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    @lucjah I don't think I'd feel secure. I mean, we've been doing it in a way, but always with different layers of meaning, so that it could be interpreted differently by people external to our relationship. Allusions, hints, and not outright communication. Hidden in plain sight is ok for me. Naked in plain sight is not, I think. <3

    PhilH avatar PhilH | Apr 08, 2019 22:02:07
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    Lmao I didn't know the glass dome was about this website. I thought you were talking about your life or something.

    It seems like you got some beef or wishes of how you wished this website or people on it operated, and you kind of voiced it in here, but I don't think you voiced it as honestly and explicitly as you could. Because I'm still kind of inferring what you're meaning and I have to attribute those inferences onto you rather than knowing for sure that it is actually the mssage you are tyring to communicate.

    So what's going on? And what does Safe mean to you?

    Abe avatar Abe | Apr 08, 2019 14:21:45
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      @abrahamKim No no no...!

      Yes yes yes! The Glass Dome I was talking about was Safe Space of our relationship. Just that.
      In this post the only capacity in which I talk about 200WaD is just using the space of the posts to actually DISCUSS actual personal issues with my partner... Kinda "group therapy"...
      Its just a thought. Maybe I am too exhibitionistic... I mean I am a bit over sharing kind of person. Yet, I never suffered from effects. Rather the opposite. People share back their wisdom and experiences.

      But no, this is not about my plans for the 200WaD :-)
      I imagine though, there of course could be (one day when we have "Circles"), a space on 200WaD for people who want to investigate this kind of topics...

      Lucjah avatar Lucjah | Apr 08, 2019 14:31:09
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      Wow good thing I didn't assume. I would've never thought that that was what's happening. Howcome you think it's better to do it in publi on here instead of directly like over the phone or face to face ?

      Abe avatar Abe | Apr 08, 2019 14:34:27
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      @lucjah Ah reread the post and now I think I understand.

      Abe avatar Abe | Apr 08, 2019 14:47:01
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      @abrahamKim it actually seems somehow easier... There is in a way less pressure to reply at all. One can take time, exactly because it is not direct.
      Yet, well, maybe just for me? And also... it is quite possible, that the moment is it designed to be "private" (in public) it loses all these advantages.
      I don't know... it is just an idea thrown into the air, will anybody catch it?
      Well, you caught it, got intrigued... even if just by misunderstanding
      So lets see, will it get caught, or will it just fall flat on the ground :-)))

      Lucjah avatar Lucjah | Apr 08, 2019 14:50:45
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