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Mar 02, 2019 21:23:53

Saturday off

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One day on the mountines is already going to end. The weather is not so good but it's pretty fun to see my nephews. We didnt skiing a lot just a few hours but I could still enjoy it. The rest of the day we just played many games on our apartement. I suppose it's gonna be the same tomorrow.

Even if I am busy with the kids I can take a rest. I don't feel I would miss the usual weekend chill, haha. Maybe the fresh air helps me to sort some of my thoughts and it's definitely great to get out of the city life and a boring routine.

If I am already talking about routines. I would like to improve my morning routine(there is none haha). Do you have any tips what should I include? .. meditation, exercise, some fresh drink?  Sure I can google something but i would be happy to hear what works for you. Thank you :).

I don't have installed grammarly on my phone so please excuse even more grammar mistakes than usual,haha!:)


The kids are already sleeping, time to grab a beer with my brother and have a nice weekend talk.

Stay with me. Efran.

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