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Mar 14, 2019 21:30:40


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My favorite season is leaving town. See you next November buddy. Cozy hoodies and hats will be stowed in the drawer, not seen again for another eight months. The knee warmers and leg warmers I needed for bike rides the last few months won't be necessary. They make me feel better, more connected to the activity, for some reason. 

I dread the summers here. Occasionally they are merciful, but more often than not they are harsh. For whatever reason, air-conditioned air feels more sterile than heated air. Then there's the stinging sweat in the eyes, and the burning hot cars, and the blinding sun. The bike rides requiring water stops and headband wringing.


Other types of seasons are hopefully also changing, but for the better. We will see. The future unfolds in mysterious ways sometimes. 


Over the last weekend, I stored up a backlog of 200wad posts and scheduled them one-a-day until today. I'm not sure it is going to help prevent a broken streak, however, as it simply allows me to get out of the habit for a couple of days. I do have two more started and a Trello board of ideas, however.

Writing a 200wad post about 200wad is the new blogging about blogging.

I just aspire to the masterful emoji comment styles of @philh.

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