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Feb 04, 2019 22:34:00

Server error

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One positive thing about today's 200WaD problem could be that it would save me from my daily post hehe .. just kidding .. I am happy it works already :),

If it would happen on my project I would definitely cry and be really worried about the data and wasted work. 

But probably some lesson learned and it's gonna be a useful experience for future projects. Proper selection of the hosting provider hehe. 

Don't give up Basel and keep up good work.


Anyway, let's talk a little bit about me again. As I go through many posts here I kinda started to like that a lot of people working on their own stuff and writing about it and I wanna I wanna do that too haha... So I decided to stop finding excuses and in the next 62 days move some of my idea to the next step (buy a domain, contact a coder, write a chapter whatever would be needed).  I want to take it slow and don't set unreal goal cuz I would definitely give up. Just a little step to make it happen.

Wish me luck I am gonna keep you informed. 


Stay with 200WaD and stay with me. Efran.

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    @efran Hey man, we have similar goals!
    As for the server outage, let's just say I know where not to buy hosting from in the future ;)

    Gabriel Greco avatar Gabriel Greco | Feb 05, 2019 16:35:41
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      @gabrielgreco .. You can easily write some book and you are done with your project in one day! haha ... yeah, Basel tested it for us live :))

      Efran avatar Efran | Feb 05, 2019 20:57:50
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