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Sep 18, 2019 23:27:20

Shameless Again

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Oh my gosh, it happened again... I waited until the last minute to write and now I'm feeling a mixture of being rushed while at the same time sleepy.  So I guess it's the perfect occasion for another shameless attempt to avoid loosing my streak.

On top of all this, I need to make my bags because I will be traveling this weekend and I leave tomorrow after work.  So yeah, these bags need to be made tonight! :O

I'm going to have to come up with a good method for remaining consistent with my writing while on travel.  Especially since I will be visiting my friends and we're gonna be busy doing a lot of catch up.  Does anyone have some good advice regarding this topic?  What do you do to stay consistent with your goals (especially writing) when visiting friends and family out of town? 

Now that I'm on the topic of the trip, I'm super excited about it.  I'm going to spend the weekend in Seattle visiting one of my best friends and we already have so much planned in advance.

You bet that I'm going to be visiting a few of the local coffee roasters and sampling some of that deliciousness. Yummm!

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