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Jan 18, 2019 16:43:09

She Wants to Meet.

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It was summer 2018 when I met her up in the mountains, while I was spending my summer off from work days with family. I was following her for last one year trying to get hold of her attention. This happened when she traveled there for her official visit. 

It was a good and random planned day, we drove to the China border and was a cold day with snowflakes in summer. That was the longest drive I ever have taken with one person in my life and I felt good about. She talked, she talked about herself from her childhood to where she is now. Her struggles, disappointments, and achievements. 

I know her now, I know what she felts when she meets strangers and I can predict how she will respond to the particular situation. During this time I witnessed the embarrassing moment of my life and lost respect for the most respected and proud friend of my life. He was drunk but I didn't expect from her. 

Then I start feeling about her, I asked for it and she was kinda Yes, but then I met her mom and sister. It was the awkward thing I ever did in my life and I regret it later. But the moment changed my life forever. 

But she likes me now, she said it today. :) 

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