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Mar 04, 2019 21:51:58

Short story 02: the underground angel

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Under the earth, it's dark, warm and humid with rivers nourishing every inch of land, just like women's uterus able to give fresh life to a baby angle at the same moment when a new baby forms within his mother's womb. 

Throughout the pregnancy, day by day, month by month, both of the baby angle and the baby human grow in synchronization inside their mothers' uterus. They look like twins, with eyes closed and dreaming together.  When the human mother is walking around, the angle moves correspondingly, too, seems like the asymmetrical baby underground you can't see.

The time the human baby is born is also a birthday of the underground twin angel whose mother is the earth. Although the angel is unable to be up to the ground,  he communicates with the baby through the solid around him straightly. For example, with the baby's crying, the angle felt solid around him starts shaking violently and turning cold, so he would hug the solid softly in order to warm it as the way to comfort baby. When the baby feels happy, a sweet sell fills the solid so that the angel would share with the moment.

Sometimes, the angel would talk to roses' roots where at your everyday path back to home. He wants to know how's weather today, and have you seen those beautiful flowers in the sunshine? He could look at you through them. So, the grownup human baby came home and said to his mother, "I felt one of the red roses smiled to me when I passed by." The underground angel heard and smiled again in satisfy. 

My story ends. I know my angel is reading my words now. Wish him smell the aroma of my joy.


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