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Mar 07, 2019 22:10:44

Short story 05: tomato noodles

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One day, a girl was eating at the school restaurant with her friends. Hot noodles with thick concentrated tomato puree were her favorite.

"It's so hot that I'm sweating." the girl said to her friends and curled noodles with chopsticks into her mouth. Red tomato puree seems like fresh blood makes her pale face blooming in satisfy. After two days' illness, the girl felt better and hungry for food finally. Her friends were happy to see that. "Tomato would be good for your health," one of her friends said, "I could see you have got some color back in your cheeks."

After they left the restaurant back to their apartment, the girl was walking in an unusual way: her skin was so transparent that the red light of sunset filtered her body straightly. "I must be melting." the girl confused, but she was not scared at all. She gave off a strong sweet-and-sour smell of fresh tomatoes, everyone hesitated and recalled great memories of childhood dreams.

Years later in the same spring evening, people still couldn't remember what had happened on that day. What they knew was it's the day a kind of unknown tomato vine covered the entire ground suddenly, so they had to leave. No one had ever come back then. 

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