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Mar 09, 2019 00:15:27

Short story 06: tree-brain

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I have a tree-brain,namely, there ia forest in it. It's not a beautiful and quite garden full of flowers welcoming strangers to visit. Actually, there are trees grow close together and are so leafy that you could get no glimpse of the sky.

Annoying thoughts like bird flying to me, they are jumping through the heavy branches and eating tender shoots without mercy.  I want to drive them away, so trees arms themselves together to call for storm. Heavy rain with dark clouds yelling out anger come and save the forest from birds' attack.

Like God brought the flood in an act of destroying the old world to a new begin, everytime I need a flood of awareness to refresh everything. Dead creatures' bodies in the forest will become nutrition nursing the soils to spring new life.

Something secret is growing safe in my tree-brain, because its root will always find a place to survive. Nature has power of tolerance, weaknesses grow together with strengthens. I can have the wildest dream where leaves like my born cloth hide myself away from others. 

No one could tell where is in the deepest in the wood, because if no one have returned back.

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