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May 24, 2019 22:02:15

Sicko Mode

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Arrived at the parents house yesterday. Dipped in to have a quick lunch and then went out to meet Lee in the city. The six, but not Toronto. We went to a cafe, but it was too loud. He has a remote job, but still needs a quiet space because most of his job requires phone calls. 

We try a different cafe. It's quieter, but doesn't look homey enough. He thinks his boss will think it weird that he's out and about. Lee struggles with the idea of professional perception, or maybe he just doesn't want to explain that he's on road. I don't know, it's something along the lines of keeping appearances though. We all try to keep appearances. The shared struggle.

Anyways, we end up at a university library. It's quiet and the walls are bland. Bland enough that Lee won't raise suspicion on his video chat with the boss. There are three private study rooms and a printer against one of the walls. You need a student ID to book the rooms. Lee jokes that he should just take the printer room and lock everyone out of it fuck you students. We both laugh. 

By the time 4pm rolls around, nearly everyone is out of the space we are in. It's summer already. No college students. They are either at internships or summer jobs or just hanging out someplace else other than a university 'technology' library.

2 out of the 3 private study rooms are taken. They're taken by two minority guys. One who's black and the other who is brown of some kind. The two of them stay locked in their own individual rooms, only to go visit each other once maybe every 40 minutes. The study rooms are large, could realistically fit four to six people, but each of these guys have their own. Lee makes a joke about this. I add onto the joke -- something about capitalism and having ten houses. 

But in my head I think about what great work these two are doing. It doesn't matter that they are most likely just studying something that they probably won't use later. It doesn't matter that they aren't doing what i imagine they are doing. In my head I'm imagining them as dedicated up and comers. I'm imagining them in sicko mode.

Right before 5pm rolls around, Lee shows me an email. The person had to cancel the meeting. The one we had sought this quiet space for. We both laugh. He heads to the post office to pick something up that couldn't be delivered due to a logistical error. I head back home.

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    @abrahamKim - Awesome. Thank you for writing this Sir Abe. Please keep it coming.

    And is this the same Lee that earned that awesome letter? Tell him I said hi and that he is an incredible person based on that letter.

    Awaiting - Sicko mode part 2.

    Keni avatar Keni | May 27, 2019 00:27:39
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      @keni it is! I ranted at him the whole time so i need to schedule more days with him so that i can also learn frlm him hahaha

      Abe avatar Abe | May 27, 2019 22:12:48
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