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May 14, 2019 21:59:17

Side Projects continued…

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Craig Petterson

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More details on each project can be found on my original post.

Following reading the 101 side projects article from @anthilemoon, I thought I would share my current, growing list of ideas I might never attempt to implement. I started writing these ideas down after reading MAKEBOOK - which I still haven't completed, as per @levelsio advice, I started making instead. Although, I've still stumbled and not fully released any of my side projects.

I'm currently building The Cake Pays, a quote builder platform for cakes and bakes. Although, after discussions with my initial user base, a slight pivot is required. ANYWAY... where was I? Ahh, yes, here is my list of "problems" that could be transformed into side projects:

1) Client discussions

2) Bug Hat Selector

3) UK VAT Submission bridging software

4) Ethical products, rating system

5) Anonymous feedback

6) Anonymous wages

7) Subscriber

8) Work In Progress

9) Best Meeting Time

10) Productivity / TODO app (yawn)

11) UK Car Pool

12) Booking System

a) College/University Admission system

b) Cinema booking system

13) Memory list

14) Pic-A-Day

15) Food dairy

16) Habit tracker

17) Non-zero Days

18) Today I Have

19) Inventory / Stock control

20) Time tracker for invoicing

21) Rocket League Rankings

22) Image requests from non-technical users for events

23) Cheese board

24) Multi-host chat app

25) Amazon ShopperBot for Slack

26) Pagy Tables

27) YABA: Yet Another Budgeting App

If you fancied taking on one of these projects, then please let me know and I'll pass on the notes and ideas I've had so far. Just get in touch.

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