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Jan 05, 2019 23:29:53

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My parents, siblings and their kids came over to visit me today. 

Where is auntie's house? My very curious niece asked. 

Her mom, my sister, explained that I live in an apartment complex. My niece looked very confused. She was born into the house that my sister bought a month before she delivered her first baby. So the kids assumed that everyone has a house.

Why mommy?

We then had to explain the concept of apartment. It didn't occur to us that an apartment could be a confusing.

But kids look at things differently. Unless exposed to something, they assume that everyone is like them. Much like adults that never left their town, their city, their race, their religion or their culture. They have a harder time adjusting to new experiences.

I came to the US as a teenager. I remember being shocked at the questions I was being asked at school. But this experience with my niece made me realize the importance of exposure and traveling that I had started to take for granted.

Maybe I should continue exposing myself to new experiences too.
Who knows what insight I may get. 

Time to book that oversees vacation.

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