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Jun 01, 2019 19:10:34

Slaying sacred cows

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So Jason has been questioning the Rule of the Streak, the paradoxical subversion that the Servants of the Rule are performing, through streaktricking, loremipsuming and other stratagems, and finally how subversion could be used for personal growth, as a relentless effort to break through social norms and personal routines that keep us the same as the ones we were.

Which are the sacred cows to be slain in order get us there? I suggested--quite imprudently--that the topic would deserve its own post, and Jason challenged me to elaborate, so here I am, desperately mooing in the dark.

#moo1 - everything here is online
Face the fourth wall: find a fellow 200WaD writer in real life, and write about your quest, about your journey, about your encounter, about what will come next, about what could have occurred if you'd known this person as a child...

#moo2 - everything here is personal
We tend to make it more collective, with circles, replies, comments, #streakteam, and so on, but posts are mostly personal, and authors are lonesome creatures. Challenging that opens a whole new space. Write with four hands. With eight hands. With twenty-six hands. With one hundred eight hands. Break the code of the social mind.

#moo3 - everything here is here
200WaD is the nest, there are other worlds opened to 200WanDerers. Link to a Medium post, extend the streak on Instagram, spawn a storm of 200 tweets. The medium is the message, a creative mind can be stimulated by changing formats.

#moo4 - everything here ends at midnight
The discipline of daily writing is what makes us stick here. It's a challenge in itself, a sacred cow that must be preserved. But maybe one can shake it up a bit? Get up and write at 2am. Write at dawn. Write in the loo. Write at an important business meeting. Or use the trick to write past midnight while keeping the streak ;)

Only four cows, but it's enough to publish, so I'll let you guys slaughter more cows if you feel like to! 🐮

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    @philh oh nice one! Thumbs up on the fourth wall idea. I also wrote a list..Will share soon.

    Jason Leow avatar Jason Leow | Jun 02, 2019 22:10:22
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    @philh <3 I love this <3

    Lucjah avatar Lucjah | Jun 01, 2019 23:46:53
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