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Feb 09, 2019 18:07:23

Slip & Slide

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Daniel Lucas

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As the apartment began to undress, piles and clumps built themselves, growing as if from the earth, sometimes crawling down the walls moving into place leaving the white emptiness to shine, the deep black wood with a mahogany crown materializing, conquering, an invading army burning the land as the interior decoration scurried from hiding place to burial plot inside boxes of cardboard and plastic, I kept my eyes averted and focused, blocking out the view of an entire home evacuating, the bulimic purge any apartment in my now gentrified neighborhood would experience in the coming months; the last thing I remember was Nibbler wandering around, confused she explored the emptiness she would no longer live inside.

The apartment has basically three flights of stairs, inside the gate on the ground level, up a three-quarters flight to the doors, then up another one and a half flights, and then a pirouette to the final half flight, and, if you couldn't guess, by this point you are in serious cardiac distress, and it happens every time, so imagine your muscles after muling your life up, towing your library and creative dead weight, portfolios and machines, the sweat caressed my neck as I locked the rental and begin a final ascent; A course smile billowing on my lips as I stared at the roots cracking through the earth of this third floor flat - it was time to devour the vacuity.

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