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Feb 15, 2019 07:14:18

Slippery when wet

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Janne Koponen

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It is the wonderful time of the year when during the day there are a couple of degrees above zero and the snow starts melting. Then, during the night it drops below zero and everything freezes. It might seem like there is some sand on the road to combat the slipperiness, but it's all covered with a thin layer of ice.

I left early towards the train station predicting this and still, I barely made it in time due to the fact of being forced to walk really carefully. It took almost one and a half times as long for me to walk that distance.

Some moments when the wind was blowing against me I felt I wasn't making any progress forward but was pushed back instead. From time to time I had to walk along the bench of the road instead to have at least some traction.

Would be a good idea to have some ice spikes for the shoes for this kind of conditions. It really isn't a weather inviting for a casual walk.

Good thing there is the possibility to walk underground all the way from the station to our office at the other end. Hopefully it will be warm enough during the day to melt most of that snow so that the walk back home won't as challenging.

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