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Aug 23, 2019 20:33:51

Smack Dab in the Middle | The Wolf -- pt 2

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Living in a villa or hilltop mansion was too conspicuous. Anyone passing by could easily discern that some hotshot lived there. And if somebody were to want to kill them, or just frighten them with a prank, it wouldn't be hard to. That's why the rich hire security. 

So why would the rich have such fears? Who out there wants to hurt them or even cares about them in the first place? To a nobody like you or me, this is no concern. There truly is nobody out there who cares enough about us to come find us and hurt us, assuming you're a decent human being. But the thing about being rich and powerful is that it doesn't matter that ninety nine point nine nine nine percent of people don't give a shit about you or that even if they did, they wouldn't act on their feelings. 

That almost one hundred percent number doesn't matter, because what matters is that one loner is all it takes. One loner motivated enough.... or more accurately.... not motivated enough to live their own life, thus lusting to destroy others'... to get equipped and storm the villa or mansion. All it takes is one. And you never know when that one might appear, so you have to always be prepared.

In a city like New York or LA there exists an actual population of the rich that one can blend into. Be safe, just like how gazelles flock together. But in a place like Westcity? There's no place to hide. It's more obvious than a fresh zit on an otherwise flawless complexion. 

And so that's why The Wolf chose to live right smack dab in the middle of it all. No gaudy mansion or villa. Just a suite on the top floor of a nice but unobtrusively so building. That was the only way someone like The Wolf could disappear from it all. To not get spotted and whacked like a fly on the wall. Stay right in the middle with soundproof glass and the thickest doors you'd ever seen in America, imported from Germany

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