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May 17, 2019 21:23:16

Small things

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Victoria Maung

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So I learned that there are some people that toss their daily disposable contact lenses either (a) down the sink, (b) down the bathtub during a shower, or (c) down the toilet. What is this behavioral discombobulation that precludes 15-20% of people from tossing their contact lenses properly into the trash can?

At least around me, I know that most bathrooms are equipped with a trash can, usually between the toilet and the sink, so I don't understand why people are opting to dispose pieces of plastic directly into our sewage pipes. 

My first guess is that there are those who might not understand that contact lenses are silicon, which is a type of plastic. (Which also leads me to question the idea of cyclomethicone / cylcopentasiloxane in our hair and other beauty products we wash off in the shower that ends up in the oceans, possibly bio-accumulating in animals.) So they don't know that in doing so, they're flushing plastics down the drain.

My second guess is that they do know, but they think it's inconsequential. To laypeople even like me, how sewage treatment works is a black box. Maybe contact lenses are large enough to theoretically be filtered out. Or maybe there's no understanding that these contact lenses can clog drains (like how some people wash their hair down the drain).  

Either way, it's easy and simple enough to toss contact lenses in a trash can, rather than down sewage drains, so I don't understand why people I know don't do that.

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