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Feb 23, 2019 11:27:03

Smells like salt

by @simongylver | 200 words | 🐣 | 8💌

Simon Gylver

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Old man Horace let go of the wheel. His little fishing dinghy was at the mercy of the nautical powers. This wasn't bad weather, it was two storms trying to consume each other. The one which had rolled in from the south this morning was winning.

The first lesson a sailor learns is to love the waves and wind. The second is to accept that something as vast as the Atlantic will never notice you, much less love you back.

Horace touched his face. He hadn't looked in a mirror in years, but the water had occasionally decided to show him the reflection of the face it had sculpted over half a century. He seemed to wake up every morning with new feelings towards the ocean, but now he only saw a nameless mass grave clawing at the gunwale. He would soon join the numberless captains, fishermen, pirates, unlucky passengers and children who had played in the waterfront while their parents weren't watching.

A brutal wave sent the old man tumbling against the mast. His bones creaked along with Lizzy's planks. He was already drenched, cold all the way through. "At least give me some thunder to go" he mumbled.

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    @simongylver I want this to be the start of a fantasy novel ;)

    Tim Subiaco avatar Tim Subiaco | Feb 28, 2019 23:21:32
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      @timsubiaco Thanks man cx

      Simon Gylver avatar Simon Gylver | Feb 28, 2019 23:44:52
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    @simongylver Welcome! Thanks for the read. I like a good Nostos story :)

    Basile Samel avatar Basile Samel | Feb 23, 2019 17:48:02
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