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Jan 12, 2019 15:35:38


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Gene Lim

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Having the right habit daily is very important. It could be having the habit of exercise or even greetings to everyone that passes through you. Today I am starting to a simple habit that literally anyone can do it. It is called smile. 

Anyone can just smile and keep on smiling but keeping the smile shine for the whole day is actually not easy. There are many factors that may change the smile to probably grumpy. One of them is the sudden change of weather. Even getting overloaded by works is one of the factor. 

There are many ways to keep the smile up. One of it is to keep thinking positively or always think of happy thoughts. Make sure to always drink water to keep your brain fresh to function. You could try to smile at everyone you see even those that you do not know and even better if you could just greet anyone you see. "Hi, Good Morning. How are you?" is a simple sentence to start with.

Keep on smiling has its advantages. It will keep you young always with longer life span. It also acts as a stress and pain reliever. It can also strengthen immune system. Possibility of laughing may trigger at any moment too. 

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    @wernminlim This is a great habit to start! One of the things I have been learning with meditation is the ability to create a smile in your mind. Try that and see how it compares to an actual smile with your face.

    Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Jan 12, 2019 17:49:23
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      @brandonwilson Today I took a walk outside and passes through many people. After passing through them only i remembered about what I wrote here. That I actually forgotten to smile. Hmmm, meditation is really a good idea too. Thanks for this!

      Gene Lim avatar Gene Lim | Jan 13, 2019 13:38:26
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