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May 19, 2019 22:33:10

So tired

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Janne Koponen

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It has been a long day, or weekend more so. Actually, the whole week has been long.  But not it's finally over. 

While being a long week it still went really fast. And it was a great week. But there was so much happening during that time that now I feel there is nothing left of me. I have given my everything. And then some more.

It was all worth it. There would have been good things to make two or even three weeks great if they would have happened during such a timespan.

But having that much good things isn't too good either. It is really tiring. And now I really feel the toll of the week. 

I don't know if whatever I write makes any sense. I don't care. I still have just enough energy left to get this done. Even if it feels I have been writing this for a long time. But I'm still only this far. I feel like I have written enough for a few days. Yet there isn't still enough words to reach my daily limit. So I just need to keep writing. A little bit more now and then it will be done.

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