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Oct 06, 2019 20:02:58

Some tools I use

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Iā€™m a full-time product maker who loves to design and code. To make my work more productive and efficient, I use a dozen tools. Here are some of the tools I use pretty much every day. I highly recommend using these tools to make yourself productive. (At least try for few days). 

#Things3: Best To-do app I ever used! Before Things3, I used nearly 10+ other apps, but none of the apps are comparable with Things3. Fast syncing between iPhone and mac app makes it very organized and keeps my head light and clear.

#Brain.fm: A must-have tool for every product makers, students to avoid distraction and get proper focus. To make it loud and clear I use Bose QC35.

#Trello: I regularly use for Trello for product management. The simple and straightforward way of project management makes it easy for me.

#Superhuman: A fast and well-designed app for email. 10x better than gmail or any other mails! You'll feel like you have superpowers.

#Grammarly: to improve my writing skills and correct me from grammar errors. Must have tools for everyone!

#Slack: Best collaboration tool for product team. As the tagline says, slack is where real work happens! 

That's it for now! would love to know if there is any better alternative than these tools!

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