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May 06, 2019 17:32:55

Someone ate my fish pie.

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My brother ate my a piece of fish pie, but he thought that it was his piece. 

I almost all day dreamed about this piece of fish pie. But there is no fish pie anymore.

I am sleeping on the table right now. I want to drink water, I almost didn't drink today, but I didn't feel that I want water. I just tasted it and understood that it is what I need.

I have more than five ideas for my next AI + design experiment. Also, I rethink one idea and came up with something cool. I hope that I will finish it soon.

I haven't done my portfolio to work. So, I will do it tomorrow in both languages β€” Russian and English. I decided to work with English speakers too, because I feel that I can talk in English.

The second chapter of Harry Potter was very interesting too! I will read it when I go to bed. I will go bed after I write these words and have shower. 

Today I got to know about different kind of cars: hatchback, sedan and station. Oh, no, it's kind of wagon! I even can to recognize the kind of wagon now!

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