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Aug 15, 2019 23:57:36

Something inside me had wanted to come here | A Summer Near Westcity - v3 - 15

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I'd already known where I wanted to go. 

So why had I talked to myself the entire time? Like I was still trying to decide.

It was only once I was inside that I knew that I'd been coming here all along. Even when I'd been staring at my reflection of the glass doors, I had still said to myself... do I wanna eat here?

I'd asked myself that question about a half dozen other places as I meandered the sidewalks. And as I stood outside the diner, I still asked myself... why?

It was once I went in, sat down, and a mug of coffee appeared under my nose when I knew for sure, that something inside me had wanted to come here the entire time. From the moment I'd left the library, no even before. At the cafe... or even right when I woke up in that muted blue that felt like such a long time back.

So why not just come straight here? 


I looked up. A waitress was waiting for me. 

"Yes. I'll take the West City Hash. Rye. Eggs sunnyside up."

She said nothing as she took my order. It'd been the same waitress who'd run out my Hippie Hash out to me the day before. 

Next time, don't be such an airhead... she had said that time. Whoops.

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