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Mar 06, 2019 15:38:37

Sorry Athens, you are not for us.

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Alizée Baudez

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Since February 1st we live in Athens, Greece. We live in a beautiful flat, in an okay neighbourhood, at a decent price. We wanted to escape the cold winters of northern Europe and be among the first to enjoy the rays of spring sunshine.

But since the very first day we arrived, we have had unexpected and unwanted roommates: cockroaches. I despise crawling insects, and those in particular as they like filthy places and transport sometimes dangerous germs, the kind you don't want in a kitchen for example.

We were lucky our host was super reactive and professional. He sent twice an exterminator to deal with the problem. Unfortunately, after two traps, repulsive product and poison, it didn't work. Over a month after our arrival, we still have cockroaches in the apartment. 

We booked this place on Airbnb until April 30th, but we decided to leave on March 20th. We spent the afternoon yesterday arranging everything with our host and Airbnb. Our host was very understanding and accepted we leave early. We had to talk with Airbnb to get a refund on the days we weren't going to be here. They were pretty efficient too though we couldn't get all our money back right away.\

All this to say, this is also part of the digital nomad lifestyle: you learn to deal with problems you weren't ready to face, and you adapt continually.

For the moment we don't know what we will do between March 20th and April 30th. We already booked our next destination in May, and we are excited to go there. But until then we have to find a home while also fulfilling engagements we have during this period.

I wanted to share some truths about the digital nomad lifestyle. I am grateful I have a great partner to go through this with and enough savings to get through unexpected expenses. I still wouldn't change a thing to my lifestyle, but that's the kind of adaptability skills I develop when living this way.

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    @alizee Sorry you've had a bad experience but thanks for this insight into the digital nomad lifestyle - nice!

    Arthur Kendall avatar Arthur Kendall | Mar 07, 2019 11:01:27
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      @arthurkendall Thanks for your comment I'm glad you liked this piece. I have many other topics to talk about related to the digital nomad lifestyle. :)

      Alizée Baudez avatar Alizée Baudez | Mar 07, 2019 13:52:56
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