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May 09, 2019 07:02:16

Special Friend

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My special friend came back from Oslo last week; She is a Singaporean that migrate to Oslo, every one or two years when she back from Oslo, we sure squeeze out time to catch up for a meal with her and her husband together.

We started this close friend relationship weirdly. A few years back when she works in an agency, I took some works from her company, so we work closely together for a period and become friends. One of the reasons I love to work with people who know about tech and even though she left the company after that we still keep in touch.

The day I mark her as my special friend is when she attended my wedding. When I invited her to my wedding, I doubt she will come because the wedding is in a different country. But it's really touching because the wedding is in Malaysia, she took the bus from Singapore all the way to attend my wedding. Eventually, I arrange some ex-colleague to give her a lift back after the wedding. I know it when you willing to do something like this for a friend, you are more than just a hi-bye friend.

When she is leaving to Oslo, she gets me to help take care of her mum, who stay in a small town in Johor. I believe she trusts me enough for doing this and it feel honour. After that, I travel to visit her mum every month, and I become familiar with her mum as well.

When she in Oslo still learning the language, she also helps me with my freelance work with little pay, and I think this is really what fiends for. After she picks up the language and starts to work there, we begin to lost touch due to time zone difference, but we still message on Facebook & Twitter some time.

She is such a special friend to me, although we are not friends that always meet and talk daily I m sure we will be there if either of us needs some help

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    @knight - love this. I have lots of friends like this all over the world -- when you meet up you pick back up as if you hardly skipped a beat.

    Brian Ball avatar Brian Ball | May 08, 2019 16:46:58
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      @brianball yeah, I got not many close friends in real life so really tresure friend like this.

      Knight avatar Knight | May 10, 2019 06:33:33
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