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Mar 09, 2019 22:50:36


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Due to the upcoming flash sales that I going handle for my client, I m looking into various new services to help. I just sign up 2 services yesterday in order to optimise this upcoming project. I have talked about Upcloud yesterday and I going to talk about SpinupWP today.

SpinupWP is a new product by the Delicious Brain team ( famous with WP Migrate Pro & WP Offload Media & SES ), what it does is to help user spin up new WordPress optimised server easily. There are few services in the market for this similar niche like Laravel Forge & Server Pilot, but I think SpinupWP is the first one that focuses on WordPress.

Current they are running a beta offer, you can get 50% off promo for the first 3 months. One of my suspects is the VPS I setup is not optimised enough for WordPress, which is why I hope by using SpinupWP, it can help me optimise my WP Stack.

So far the initial impression is good, it's quite a polished product, I do spin up a few sites in order to test different options, but once you are familiar with how the thing works, you can get what you want pretty fast.

One thing I dislike might be the pricing, there are 2 pricing currently, one is for 1 server, another is for 3 servers. After your 3rd servers, every new server is going to charge $5. I understand the rationale behind that pricing, but I do prefer flat fees for more servers. Let's see will there be any changes once the service out from beta, for pricing like that I only will use it on a server that lots of sites. Single site server might be not worth it.

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