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Jul 25, 2019 20:39:28

Spotlight -- first iteration strategy

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Nothing's set in stone; we would love your feedback. I've tagged everyone from before, if you don't want to be tagged again, let me know.


The plan is to spotlight writers proactively rather than retrospectively. So this won't be a highlight reel of what's already been posted on the site. 

Our aim is to raise anticipation of readers, which feeds back into raising motivation on part of the featured writers.

We will not be acting as editors, neither in the grammatical or gate-keeping sense. We will maintain a roster of writers, create a rotating schedule that features individuals on that roster, and send the featured post in an email according to that schedule. 

Let's say for example the roster is 

Seun, Sara, Brandon, Keni, Brian, Jack

Then we would arrange a schedule and publish it so that everyone -- audience and writers -- can know what to expect. Let's say that schedule is:

Week 1 -- Featuring Jack

Week 2 -- Featuring Keni

Week 3 -- Featuring Sara

and so on..

This will allow writers plenty of time to craft their featured posts in time before their spotlight. It will be up to the writer themselves whether they want their feature to be public/protected/private or even a 200W post at all -- we are open to the option of having it strictly be an ordinary email. Brian and I will communicate with the featured writers beforehand so that all of that's sorted.

Brian suggested Friday as the recurring publishing day-- not this Friday obviously -- so let's just run with Friday for now. We can adjust the day later if Friday turns out not so good. So this means we'll want the featured writer to submit their feature before Friday morning (EST).


Topics will not be decided for you by default. You can write about whatever you want. However, if you prefers to crowdsource a list of topics, you're free to do that and you can even ask Brian or I to do this crowdsourcing for you.


In the end, we know it's hard to know where to begin when it comes to reading each others' posts. We would love to read every post by everyone on here. However, this is impossible... for what makes us have an interesting perspective to write at all comes not from us reading all day, but from the lives we live outside of reading.

However, even though we can't read every post by every writer on here, We know that we can definitely manage to read one post by a writer with our full concentration each week. And over the weeks, we'll then have all read at least one post by every writer. 

So that's why we're organizing a spotlight. Give the writer a platform while spurring in the community, shared discourse. 


Now the first order of business. Does anybody know that they would want for sure to be the first featured writer? Having their post featured next week Friday 8/2/2019 ?










































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    @abrahamKim this is a great idea and I'm down to be "featured" whenever. I must have missed the original post about this, though, so I'm curious about the mechanics. Is this an email list outside of 200wad? (If so where do I sign up, because I would love a curated reading list every week, regardless of its mechanics.) Will the rules of engagement and a reminder be sent to featured writers a day or two beforehand? Will there be a specific GMT time that the post will need to be published by (might not be Friday for every featured writer)? Will there be a way to identify which post is the one intended to be featured (#featured)? (This would also help for finding past features.) I like the idea of being forced to keep one's best powder dry all week for a post on Friday. Hopefully, we can all live up to the pressure when our time comes!

    Daniel Miller avatar Daniel Miller | Jul 31, 2019 06:31:39
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      hurray. I was hoping you'd reach out.

      This is for now an email list separate from 200W but aims to strengthen the 200W community. The first post is here: https://200wordsaday.com/words/spotlight-234145d3843ff81ddd

      All the issues you raised are true and must be actually tackled as we go along because we have no clue how all these details will playout. haha but would love to get your email on the list. My email is [email protected]

      you can 'signup' by emailing me haha.

      And for the retrospective navivgation... I'm already thinking of a separate static site that might host featured posts in almost a magazine fashion.

      Abe avatar Abe | Jul 31, 2019 14:44:43
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    @abrahamKim sign me up for the next available week!

    Keenen Charles avatar Keenen Charles | Jul 26, 2019 12:49:49
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      @keenencharles You got it! :)

      Abe avatar Abe | Jul 27, 2019 13:40:23
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    @abrahamKim I am down for it. If no one else took the spot, I can do it. Or where ever the queue is.

    Abhinaya Konduru avatar Abhinaya Konduru | Jul 26, 2019 09:14:15
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      Awesome. We are crafting the queue this weekend and post it on Monday so that people can have a gander and see if it works with their upcoming schedules !

      Abe avatar Abe | Jul 27, 2019 13:40:16
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    @abrahamKim I'm up for it!

    Berkan avatar Berkan | Jul 26, 2019 13:03:14
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      Dude I remember when I first came on here in December and hitting my stride in January... I always read your stuff and what not. And then one day you talked about internships and what not and you disappeared. Then I thought you were gone for good because you were gone for so long. But now you're back and your presence is truly a present to me.

      Abe avatar Abe | Jul 26, 2019 14:58:48
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      @abrahamKim Man, i should be back here on 200 WAD because i currently have a lot of free time, so now i should be back in shape. I did my internship and now i'm free and working on my diploma project (still i have to graduate in October). Cheers man!

      Berkan avatar Berkan | Jul 27, 2019 19:24:05
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    @abrahamKim just to confirm, if we were featured on the Friday, would our Thursday post be featured? Or would we get to nominate which post we would have featured?

    Rosie Odsey avatar Rosie Odsey | Jul 26, 2019 20:55:44
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      Actually... I was hoping that the feature would be closer to the 'publishing' process more than posting.

      So the feature on Friday should be something that's never been on 200W or anywhere else publicly... and we release it 'together' on Friday.

      It's similar to how a 'record label' releases an artist's music in stores and on platforms.

      So the feature is kind of like a 'release'.

      What do you think of that idea? It's just an idea for now and will be amenable to change as we go along and learn from experience.

      Abe avatar Abe | Jul 26, 2019 14:18:48
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      @abrahamKim It makes sense. Would it also be published somewhere statically outside of the email?

      Rosie Odsey avatar Rosie Odsey | Jul 26, 2019 22:35:14
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      That is my hope... just like The New Yorker or Harper's not only have print copies, but also a websites

      I think you're beginning to see the vision. I just haven't laid it all on the table yet because I wanted to make sure the initial execution is pulled of well. haha

      Abe avatar Abe | Jul 26, 2019 14:51:34
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    @abrahamKim I'm away the next to weeks, so I would appreciate a later place in the queue :)

    Philipp Haidenbauer avatar Philipp Haidenbauer | Jul 26, 2019 08:19:55
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      You got it :)

      Abe avatar Abe | Jul 26, 2019 15:09:54
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    Hi @abrahamKim - I think it's a neat idea and appreciate you inviting me. Unfortunately, I won't be able to participate as I'm trying to keep up with other priorities on my plate at the moment and wouldn't be able to commit in a meaningful way. Good luck with the project, you've got some great people tagged on your list.

    Don The Idea Guy avatar Don The Idea Guy | Jul 25, 2019 21:05:11
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      Damn. Okay!

      You say commit in a meaningful way, so I wanted to clarify. Do you mean you don't think you could commit via writing? Or that you feel that you wouldn't be able to commit as a reader as well?

      Cause if you don't feel like being a featured writer, it'd still be great to have you as a reader.

      No pressure though!

      Abe avatar Abe | Jul 26, 2019 14:52:58
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    @abrahamKim I like the idea. I'm looking forward to seeing what shows up in the spotlight, but I'll defer my own entry for awhile. "The suspense is terrible! I hope it'll last." --Willy Wonka

    Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Jul 25, 2019 18:59:59
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    @abrahamKim - Sir Abe. I am happy to be the first.

    I would like to help with the work whenever I can.
    What do you need from me outside of the fascinating post I will craft on Aug 2nd?

    Keni avatar Keni | Jul 25, 2019 15:07:50
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    @abrahamKim - your idea, let's feature you first ( or me )

    Brian Ball avatar Brian Ball | Jul 25, 2019 12:07:36
    • 1

      @abrahamKim @brianball - 100% agreed to this.
      Set the standard so we can follow suit. I can be week 3 if you are filling the slots now.

      Keni avatar Keni | Jul 25, 2019 15:18:11
    • 1

      @abrahamKim @keni - Boom! Who wants week 4? ( get'em while they're 🔥)

      Brian Ball avatar Brian Ball | Jul 25, 2019 13:32:40
    • 1

      @abrahamKim @brianball Well, as the keep selling like hot cakes I might as well reserve mine :D So count me in for week 4!

      Janne Koponen avatar Janne Koponen | Jul 26, 2019 07:30:39
    • 1

      @abrahamKim @brianball Actually, now that I checked, week 7 would be perfect for me. Got some big things coming up that week I would definitely love to write about ;)

      Janne Koponen avatar Janne Koponen | Jul 26, 2019 07:37:39
    • 1

      @brianball @Arcticloon

      Week 7 it is ..

      wow it's so weird to not see you as Arcticloon anymore btw haha

      Abe avatar Abe | Jul 26, 2019 15:11:07
    • 1

      @abrahamKim @brianball - Hey, are we going to see the first post of this project tomorrow?

      Keni avatar Keni | Jul 31, 2019 18:56:27
    • 1

      @brianball @keni yes!

      Abe avatar Abe | Aug 01, 2019 15:48:26
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